NAB's Effect on the Broadcasting Industry

As I work towards my Master's of Science in Business Entertainment with a concentration on Sports Management at Full Sail University, I have to develop a business plan that I will present at the conclusion of my program. Each month I will learn new concepts, information,  and ideas to help me refine my business plan. In my Business Storytelling and Brand Development course this month, I have been forced to really narrow down my focus and decide a business I am going to pursue. After extensive research I have decided to focus on developing a sports broadcasting company. I won't go into the particular details because I am still working on it, and I honestly do not want someone to steal my idea. As I continue to create my business, I must find an industry association that is important to my particular industry of broadcasting and explore the effects of their programs. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is a trade association for the nation's radio and TV broadcasters. NAB assists broadcasters through: encouraging innovation with the latest technologies, advocacy regarding legal issues, and continuing education.

Below are some of NAB's major programs and the effects it could have on the sports broadcasting industry:

According to their website, "NAB advocates the on behalf of America's free, local radio and television stations and also broadcast networks before Congress, and Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the courts." Their reach into the legal realm is to ensure that broadcasters's businesses are not affected by harsh regulations and new technologies are not abandoned due to it. They believe that the organizations that create and enforce these new regulations are unaware of the detrimental effects it can have on broadcasters, so they pursue legal action to present their arguments and represent the interest of broadcasters across the country. 

In a recent legal action pursued by NAB, they defeated a proposal that would limit when broadcasters could air specific commercials and would impose monetary penalties for violations. Legislators argued that childhood obesity could be linked to the airing of fast-food and other less savory food commercials targeted at children. The proposal would prevent broadcasters from being able to air certain food commercials during children's programming times, and broadcasters in violation would be fined. The money from such advertisements are vital for broadcasters to financially survive. With the sports broadcasting company I am developing, the bulk of my revenue depends on selling advertising to air during my broadcasts. The channel I plan to utilize for my broadcast is a local, free, over-the-air channel that would be adversely affected if this proposal had been enacted, but NAB was able to defeat it. 

NAB encourages all of their members to network with other broadcasters. They believe networking is vital to assist broadcasters because every member can provide important information. In order to support these networking efforts, NAB organizes a number of conventions, conferences, and even have online events throughout the year. By bringing these members together, NAB fosters an environment to discuss vital technological innovations and key legal issues facing each broadcaster. 

I am new to the TV broadcasting industry, and I think NAB's programs would be very helpful as I journey into the unknown realm of sports broadcasting. As I develop my company, I would like to expand further out and hopefully one day have regional broadcasts across the country. I honestly do not even know where to start if I were to expand my broadcasts beyond Jacksonville, FL. However, as I have learned again and again, networking is key! NAB's events could provide me a great place to meet broadcasters across the country. They could provide me with some useful information as I begin broadcasting and when I eventually begin expanding. Not only would the other members be a great resource of information, but NAB is constantly monitoring and updating news affecting the broadcasting community. I believe that NAB is a great resource, especially for novice broadcasters like myself! 

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