The Detroit Lions Highlight the Appeal of the Underdog

Calvin Johnson has made Lions fans smile a lot this season
The recent, and surprising, success of the Detroit Lions has reenergized the city of Detroit and brought new excitement to football. After enduring a winless season in 2008, the Lions became a joke among the league and fans. However, they have kicked off this season with 5 wins and quieted countless critics. While the Lions try to move on from two recent losses, they  move forward with an army of new fans. Their recent winning streak highlights the power of the underdog, but what is it about an underdog winning that generates such excitement?

Philadelphia Phillies Postseason Disappointment

In 2008, Brad Lidge celebrates their World Series win.
As a lifelong Philadelphia Phillies fan, I am familiar with stinging disappointment that comes with defeat. However, this season seemed like the perfect season for them to reclaim their title as champions. The Phillies compiled the seemingly unbeatable team with 4 of the leagues leading pitchers. The Phillies mapped out their return route to the World Series, and they even managed to avoid roadblocks, such as early season injuries to Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins, and keep moving forward. After setting a franchise record 102-wins, their reclamation of the World Series title appeared inevitable, so what happened?

Boosting my Business Plan with Expert Advice

In my previous post I examined expert advice regarding business plans; however, I will explain how I will utilize this information to boost my business plan.


Business Plan Expert Advice

The Challenge: Turn your idea into reality
Creating and developing a successful business plan is a very daunting task, and it can be impossible to even imagine that there could ever be a light at the end of the tunnel. However, some of the greatest innovations have come from people who made it through the same grueling process. As my graduation quickly approaches, I have to finalize a business plan I have been working on through the course of my program. I am developing a sports TV broadcast company that airs Jacksonville, FL high school and college sports. Initially, I thought creating a business unlike any other in the area would lend support to my success, but I have been hit with the harsh reality that pioneering into unexplored realms only makes starting a business that much harder! While I continue to push forward towards finishing my plan, I researched advice from leading business pioneers Ted Turner and Mark Cuban. Although they both achieved success on a much bigger scale, one cannot overlook that they, too, went through the overwhelming task of laying the groundwork for their businesses.


Atlanta Braves Social Media Venture Highlights Common Problem Among Sports

Atlanta Braves
Last week the Atlanta Braves hosted the first-ever "#BravesBash" program which connected fans with players through a variety of social media and digital platforms. The Braves utilized Facebook, Twitter, and Skype to give fans the opportunity to engage with players and coaches. While the Braves were able to flawlessly execute this event, it emphasizes a common problem among sports team--the emphasis teams place on their number of "likes" or "followers." While statistics are the backbone of any team and assist them to determine success on the field, the numbers off the field are not as clear-cut.