About Me

My name is Amelia, or some people know me as Mimi. I am from Toledo, OH, and I graduated in 2009 from Bowling Green State University with a B.A. I majored in Telecommunications with a minor in Latino/a Studies. While in college I hosted a weekly radio show on the university's FCC-licensed station. In addition to hosting my own show, I produced numerous sporting events, and I provided the halftime commentary. Through my experience, I have an extensive background in creating and implementing scripts for radio, TV, and film. Also I have experience as a voice-over actor for both radio and TV. After graduating from BGSU, I moved to Jacksonville, FL to attend law school. However, after completing one year I was faced with a very difficult decision. I hoped to one day become an immigration attorney so I could help people, but after one year I decided that the legal realm was not where my passion laid. I am currently pursing my Master's in Business Entertainment with a Focus on Sports Management at Full Sail University, and I hope it will lead me to my true passion - becoming a part of the sports media! While I attend Full Sail, I am working as a substitute teacher with Duval County Public Schools. I have worked with kids of all ages, and I also have gained experience working with children who have physical and/or emotional disabilities. Hopefully you'll just sit back and enjoy my blog, or I might have to send you to the office!

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  1. Great bio! Can't wait to follow more posts on your blog. Just make sure to cover the Cleveland Indians!